Saturday, March 23, 2013

Crunchy Vegan Tacos

1. Rudi's Plain Gluten-Free Tortilla
2. Daiya Cheddar Cheese 
3. Tribe Organic Hummus 
4. Organic Lettuce
5. 365 Organic Kosher Dill Spears
6. Walnut Acres Organic Maple Baked Beans 

1. Take the tortilla and add a line of cheese neatly down the middle, then gently fold it in half, and place it in your toaster (being careful so your cheese won't fall into your toaster). 
2. Watch it so it won't burn. I usually take it out once I see the little bubbles starting to grow from the tortilla and it gets a little bit brown around the edges. You can take it out to see if it's crunchy once you see that. (It usually takes a minute or so, so not too long.)
3. Add the rest of the ingredients. 
*You can add other items for different flavors, or take out items that you don't prefer. 

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